Lord Alton of Liverpool

Lord Alton of Liverpool is a Crossbench Life peer who has sat under this title in the Lords since 8 July 1997. His full title is The Lord Alton of Liverpool, and his given name is David Patrick Paul Alton. Prior to joining the Lords, he sat in the Commons as an MP, and was first elected in 1979.


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Non political

Liverpool John Moores
University Professor
1997 - 2016
House of Commons
Member of Parliament
1979 - 1997
Books and newspaper columns
Author and Writer
1979 -
Sefton District Council
1974 - 1979
Lancashire County Council
1972 - 1974


Liverpool City Council
Deputy Leader
1977 - 1979
Merseyside County Council
County Councillor
1973 - 1977
Liverpool City Council
City Councillor
1972 - 1980

Public life

Liverpool Bluecoat School
Foundation Governor
1995 -
Jubilee Campaign
1986 -
Various charities and voluntary organizations
Trustee or Patron
1979 -