Lord Alton of Liverpool

Lord Alton of Liverpool's full title is The Lord Alton of Liverpool. His name is David Patrick Paul Alton, and he is a current member of the House of Lords.

APPG officer roles

All-Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs) are informal cross-party groups that have no official status within Parliament. They are run by and for Members of the Commons and Lords, though many choose to involve individuals and organisations from outside Parliament in their administration and activities.

Officer Roles are drawn from the latest edition of the Register of APPGs. To see the latest edition of the register, go to Published Register of APPGs.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
Seeks to make all parliamentarians aware of the extensive positive work done by the Ahmadiyya community and speak up on issues of persecution and extremism that Ahmadiyya muslims face abroad and in the UK.
Vice Chair
To provide democratic change in Burma.
Vice Chair
Conception to Age Two - First 1001 Days
To promote a holistic approach to the antenatal and post-natal period, specifically with regards to the early years and infant mental health; to hold evidence-based enquiries into best practice for the 1001 critical days to help policymakers make informed decisions on provision in this period; and to uphold cross-party consensus for this age group.
Vice Chair
Dying Well
To promote excellence in palliative care and stand against the legalisation of doctor assisted suicide.
In recognising the persecution and other atrocities committed against Hazaras, the group will work towards protecting and enhancing the human rights and status of Hazaras around the world.
Vice Chair
Hong Kong
To promote democracy and the rule of law, and to defend human rights in Hong Kong, to share information about Hong Kong, to nurture relations between the United Kingdom and the people of Hong Kong; and to provide a welcome to Hongkongers coming to the United Kingdom.
Vice Chair
Hormone Pregnancy Tests
To raise awareness of families affected by the use of the drug ‘Primodos’ and call for the implementation of recommendations in the Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review
Vice Chair
International Freedom of Religion or Belief
To raise awareness and profile of international Freedom of Religion or Belief (Article 18, UDHR) as a human right among UK parliamentarians, the media, government and the general public. The group also seeks to increase the effectiveness of the UK's contribution to international institutions charged with enforcing this human right.
Vice Chair
International Law, Justice and Accountability
To protect freedom of human rights by raising the issue of justice and accountability in response to atrocity crimes and other gross human rights violations globally under the Universal declaration of human rights. We will work on comprehensive strategies and responses to such crimes to assist in ending impunity.
Vice Chair
To encourage wider and deeper enjoyment of jazz, to increase parliamentarians' understanding of the jazz industry and issues surrounding it, to promote jazz as a musical form and to raise its profile inside and outside Parliament.
Liverpool City Region
To bring MPs and Peers of all parties together with key leaders, including the Liverpool City Region Metro Mayor and those in local government, the private sector and social enterprise, to help maximise future investment in the wider City Region for the benefit of all its local communities.
Vice Chair
North Korea
To formulate solutions that promote and support human rights, democracy and security in the Democratic People's Republic of North Korea; to establish relations with the exiled North Korean community to foster understanding of the DPRK and the challenges which face its people; and to explore meaningful relations between the parliaments of the UK and the DPRK.
To provide a forum to discuss all matters related to Pakistan and also pertinent issues related to Pakistanis living in the UK.
Vice Chair
Pakistani Minorities
To raise awareness of and help eliminate discrimination and persecution by the state and others; and to help develop an inclusive and tolerant Pakistan.
Public Accountability
To examine the need for greater public accountability to address systemic failures, past and ongoing, with a view to learning why public institutions failed to act in the public interest. To call for a duty of candour to protect those who have been failed by the existing law and justice system.
Vice Chair
In recognising the persecution, murder and other atrocities committed against the Rohingya, the group will work towards protecting and enhancing the human rights and status of the Rohingya, and will assess and scrutinise any repatriation agreement made between Bangladesh and Myanmar.
Vice Chair
Sudan and South Sudan
To influence the UK government's policy and practice by promoting the cause of peace, human rights, justice and development for all the people of Sudan and South Sudan across the political spectrum in Westminster and Whitehall.
To put pressure on His Majesty's Government to encourage negotiations between the Chinese Government and representatives of the Tibetan Government in exile, whilst recognising that Tibet is an occupied country which had independent ties with Britain.
Vice Chair
To raise awareness of the persecution against the Uyghur community in Xinjiang, China.
Vice Chair
War Crimes
To look into matters relating to the presence of alleged Rwandan war criminals in the UK and the prosecution of those who participated in the Rwandan genocide against the Tutsis in 1994.
Vice Chair
To raise the issue of the Daesh genocide against the Yazidis and ensure comprehensive responses, including justice for the victims and survivors, assistance with their needs, and ensure non-repetition of the atrocities in the future.
Vice Chair