Lord Hintze

Lord Hintze's full title is The Lord Hintze. His name is Michael Hintze, and he is a current member of the House of Lords.

Registered Interests

Registered Interests for Lord Hintze.

The Register is updated continuously throughout each sitting day and at regular intervals on other days.

Category 1: Directorships

  • Director, CQS Management Limited (investment management and advisory services)

Category 2: Remunerated employment, office, profession etc.

  • Partner, CQS (UK) LLP (investment management and advisory services)
  • The member is the founder, executive chairman and substantive owner of the credit-focused multi-strategy asset management and investment advisory business that trades under the brand names CQS and New City Investment Managers (“CQS”). CQS manages a number of investment funds and third-party mandates (the “CQS Funds”). The member has an active role in relation to the on-going investment management decision-making and advisory investment recommendations to the CQS Funds and may at any given time also have personal investments in certain CQS Funds. CQS earns fees from the CQS Funds.
  • Member, Board of Superintendence, Istituto per le Opere di Religione (banking)

Category 3: Person with significant control of a company (PSC)

  • MHPF (UK) Ltd (farming and property)
  • SMH Woodland Limited (farming)
  • Kingswood Village Limited (property)
  • Architekton Limited (property)
  • Our Place Sustainable Development Limited (property)
  • Spitalfields Works Limited (property)
  • The Shoe Quarter Limited (property)
  • St George's Works Limited (property)
  • CQS Management Limited (investment management and advisory services)

Category 4: Shareholdings (a)

  • CQS Management Limited (investment management and advisory services)
  • CQS Cayman General Partner (investment management and advisory services)
  • CQS Holdings (Jersey) Limited (investment management and advisory services)
  • Kivu Investment Fund Limited (investment vehicle)
  • CH 01 Limited (investment vehicle)
  • MHPF (UK) Ltd (farming and property)
  • SMH Woodland Limited (farming)
  • Dikler Farming Company Limited (farming and property)
  • SMH Investments Limited (investments)
  • Architekton Limited (property development company)
  • Kingswood Village Limited (property)
  • Our Place Sustainable Development Limited (property)
  • SMH Bravo GP Limited (aviation)
  • MH Premium Farms Holdings Pty Limited (farming and grazing)
  • VMC RE LLC (property)
  • CQS Cayman LP (investment management and advisory services)
  • SMH Bravo LP (aviation leasing)

Category 4: Shareholdings (b)

  • Ivanhoe Mines Ltd (mining)
  • ATAI Life Sciences N.V. (clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company)
  • Marwyn Value Investors Ltd (private equity fund)
  • Affimed N.V. (clinical-stage immuno-oncology company)
  • Mynaric AG (manufacturer of laser communication)
  • Clarity Pharmaceuticals Limited (clinical radiopharmaceutical oncology company)
  • NatWest Group plc (British banking and insurance holding company)
  • Old Mutual Limited (pan-African investment, savings, insurance, and banking group)
  • Cocoon Biotech, Inc. (fibroin drug delivery platform)
  • Tenac.io GmbH (cardiovascular disease management platform)
  • Nanuk Asset Management Pty Ltd (fund management and advisory)
  • PlaqueTec Limited (biomarker-based, cardiovascular treatment company)
  • Actimed Therapeutics Limited (cancer cachexia treatment company)
  • Phaim Pharma Limited (type 1 diabetes treatment company)
  • MoM Incubators Limited (lightweight incubator company)
  • ArcTech Innovation Limited (pesticides and other agrochemical products manufacturer)
  • Antler Innovation Pte Ltd (venture capital firm)
  • Zero Carbon Farms Ltd (subterranean hydroponic farm)
  • Juvenescence Limited (longevity company)
  • Correvate Limited (3D point cloud dataset company)
  • DEAG Deutsche Entertainment AG (entertainment service provider)
  • AAF - SYNTHEGO GROWTH, L.P. (CRISPR Genome editing company)
  • Have a Little Priestly LLC (Musical show for broadway)
  • BlueSkeye AI Ltd (healthcare technology company)
  • Pangea Botanica Ltd (life sciences platform)
  • CQS Natural Resources Growth and Income PLC (mining and natural resources)
  • Geiger Counter Limited (mining and natural resources)
  • Golden Prospect Precious Metals Limited (mining and natural resources)
  • Entourage Collection Limited (travel concierge services)

Category 5: Land and property

  • Residential property in London SW1 and SW4 from which rental income is received

Category 9: Miscellaneous financial interests

  • Investor, HP Environmental Technologies Fund LP (private equity fund)
  • Investor, AAF - SYNTHEGO GROWTH, L.P. (genome engineering company)
  • Investor, Beacon India Private Equity Fund (private equity)

Category 10: Non-financial interests (a)

  • Director, MH Premium Farm Holdings Pty Limited (farming and grazing)
  • Director, Architekton Limited (property company)
  • Director, Our Place Sustainable Development Limited (property company)
  • Adviser to the Council (Finance & Audit Committee), Duchy of Cornwall
  • Director, SMH Woodland Limited (farming)
  • Director, Dikler Farming Company Limited (farming and property)
  • Director, MHPF (UK) Ltd (farming and property)
  • Director, SMH Investments Limited (investments)

Category 10: Non-financial interests (b)

  • NSC Distinguished Advisor, National Security College (a joint initiative between the Commonwealth Government of Australia and the Australian National University)

Category 10: Non-financial interests (e)

  • Trustee, The Hintze Family Charitable Foundation