Zarah Sultana

Zarah Sultana is the Labour MP for Coventry South, and has been an MP continuously since 12 December 2019.

Registered Interests

The Register of Members’ Financial Interests is updated fortnightly online when the House is sitting, and less frequently at other times. Interests remain in the Register for twelve months after the interest has ended.

The interests set out below are those included in the most recently published version of the Register. All versions of the Register can be found here.

2. (b) Any other support not included in Category 2(a)

  • Name of donor: Unite the Union
    Address of donor: 128 Theobalds Road, London WC1X 8TN
    Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: £4,145 to cover the costs of my annual 2021 newsletter
    Date received: 25 March 2022
    Date accepted: 25 March 2022
    Donor status: trade union
    (Registered 12 April 2022)

3. Gifts, benefits and hospitality from UK sources

  • Name of donor: Liverpool Football Club and Athletic Grounds Limited
    Address of donor: Anfield Road, Liverpool, Merseyside L4 0TH
    Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: Two matchday tickets and hospitality, value £700
    Date received: 22 May 2022
    Date accepted: 22 May 2022
    Donor status: company, registration 3442228
    (Registered 17 June 2022)
  • Name of donor: Glastonbury Festival Events Ltd
    Address of donor: Worthy Farm, Pilton, Shepton Mallet BA4 4BY
    Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: Associated with being a guest speaker, two festival tickets, value £560
    Date received: 24-26 June 2022
    Date accepted: 24 June 2022
    Donor status: company, registration 4348175
    (Registered 12 July 2022)

4. Visits outside the UK

  • Name of donor: Progressive International
    Address of donor: 71-75 Shelton Street, London WC2H 9JQ
    Estimate of the probable value (or amount of any donation): Flights £1,100, accommodation £480, translation £300 and transportation £200, total value £2,080
    Destination of visit: Brazil
    Dates of visit: 27-31 October 2022
    Purpose of visit: To observe the final round of Brazil's presidential elections.
    (Registered 3 November 2022)

8. Miscellaneous

  • From 6 July 2020, a trustee of the Albany Theatre, Coventry. This is an unpaid role. (Registered 9 July 2020)