Gary Sambrook

Gary Sambrook is the Conservative MP for Birmingham, Northfield, and has been an MP continuously since 12 December 2019.

Registered Interests

The Register of Members’ Financial Interests is updated fortnightly online when the House is sitting, and less frequently at other times. Interests remain in the Register for twelve months after the interest has ended.

The interests set out below are those included in the most recently published version of the Register. All versions of the Register can be found here.

1. Employment and earnings

  • City Councillor, Birmingham City Council, Victoria Square, Birmingham B1 1BB. From 25 May 2021 until further notice, I receive £18,681 a year, paid monthly. Hours: 73 hrs a month. (Registered 10 January 2020; updated 25 May 2021)
  • 11 November 2021, received £120 from YouGov, 50 Featherstone Street, London EC1Y 8RT, for a survey. Hours: 30 mins. (Registered 3 December 2021)

4. Visits outside the UK

  • Name of donor: Conservative Friends of Israel Ltd (CFI Ltd)
    Address of donor: PO Box 72288, London SW1P 9LB
    Estimate of the probable value (or amount of any donation): Air travel, accommodation and hospitality, value £3,100
    Destination of visit: Israel and the West Bank
    Dates of visit: 24-29 July 2022
    Purpose of visit: Fact finding political delegation.
    (Registered 5 August 2022)

7. (i) Shareholdings: over 15% of issued share capital

  • From 13 July 2021, half share in Sambrook Roberts Ltd (accountancy and business services). (Registered 13 July 2021)

8. Miscellaneous

  • From 13 July 2021, unpaid director of Sambrook Roberts Ltd (accountancy and business services). (Registered 19 July 2021)