Lord Livermore

Lord Livermore is a Labour Life peer who has sat under this title in the Lords since 1 December 2015. His full title is The Lord Livermore, and his given name is Spencer Elliot Livermore. He currently undertakes the role of Opposition Whip (Lords).

Registered Interests

Registered Interests for Lord Livermore.

The Register is updated continuously throughout each sitting day and at regular intervals on other days.

Category 2: Remunerated employment, office, profession etc.

Chair, Associates Group, Lowick (communications consultancy) (interest ceased 17 April 2020)
Member provides strategy consultancy to GCI (converged ICT service provider (interest ceased 17 April 2020)
Senior Adviser, Powerscourt (strategic communications consultancy) (interest ceased 25 February 2020)

Category 10: Non-financial interests (b)

Visiting Senior Fellow, London School of Economics (interest ceased 24 June 2020)

Category 10: Non-financial interests (e)

Member, Advisory Board, Global Future (think-tank) (interest ceased 24 June 2020)
Trustee, Centre for Ageing Better (charity) (interest ceased 24 June 2020)