Baroness Humphreys

Baroness Humphreys's full title is The Baroness Humphreys. Her name is Christine Mary Humphreys, and she is a current member of the House of Lords.

Register of Interests of Lords Members' staff

Register of Interests for Baroness Humphreys's staff. This list shows both staff name and any relevant gainful occupation or benefit registered.

Ms Laura-Jane Ashley
Mr David McBride
Remunerated: Self-employed Chartered Accountant and business consultant, trading as David McBride Consulting; Accountant, Parliament Choir; Unremunerated: Director, shareholder and person with significant control of the following dormant companies, McBride Consulting Limited, Chess Kingdom Ltd. Clockface Cafe Ltd, Book of Spells Ltd, Magic of Time Ltd; Council Member, Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (a number of events are attended each year, the costs of which are paid for by the Institute); Director and Trustee, Commonwealth Carnival of Music (company limited by guarantee and registered charity) and Director of its subsidiary, Commonwealth Carnival Limited; Director and shareholder, Riverview Gardens (Freehold) Limited