The Lord Bishop of Worcester

The Lord Bishop of Worcester's full title is The Rt Rev. the Lord Bishop of Worcester. His name is John Geoffrey Inge, and he is a current member of the House of Lords.

Registered Interests

Registered Interests for The Lord Bishop of Worcester.

The Register is updated continuously throughout each sitting day and at regular intervals on other days.

Category 2: Remunerated employment, office, profession etc.

  • In receipt of episcopal stipend
  • The member receives an annual honorarium as President and Senior Non-executive Director, Woodard Corporation

Category 5: Land and property

  • Property in Cambridgeshire from which rental income is received
  • Property in Worcester

Category 10: Non-financial interests (e)

  • Trust Protector, Common Purpose
  • Trustee and Chair of Council, Archbishop of Canterbury’s Examination in Theology
  • President, YMCA Worcestershire