Lord Strasburger

Lord Strasburger's full title is The Lord Strasburger. His name is Paul Cline Strasburger, and he is a current member of the House of Lords.

Registered Interests

Registered Interests for Lord Strasburger.

The Register is updated continuously throughout each sitting day and at regular intervals on other days.

Category 3: Person with significant control of a company (PSC)

  • Reside Bath Limited

Category 4: Shareholdings (b)

  • Reside Bath Ltd (residential letting agency)
  • Dice FM Ltd (ticketing)
  • Next Wave Partners LLP (private equity) (interest ceased 17 April 2022)
  • Citygate Apartments (property investment)
  • Big Brother Watch Ltd (defending civil liberties)
  • WeSwap.com Ltd (currency exchange) (interest ceased 17 April 2022)
  • Tensense Ltd (formerly Footdown Ltd) (management software)
  • Agile Property and Homes Ltd (builds low cost and sustainable social housing)
  • Spherics Technology Ltd (carbon accountability software)
  • Flarin Holdings Limited (pharmaceuticals)
  • LAT Water Ltd (renewably powered desalination)
  • Alphabet Inc (multinational conglomerate)
  • DocuSign Inc (allows organisations to manage electronic agreements)

Category 5: Land and property

  • 7 properties in Bath, Somerset, from which rental income is received
  • A flat in London E14 from which rental income is received
  • 2 properties in Bath owned jointly with wife from which rental income is received
  • A flat in Haute-Savoie, France, from which rental income is received

Category 8: Gifts, benefits and hospitality

  • Party to a legal challenge against the Government for alleged failure to investigate foreign state interference in the UK’s democratic process, which has been crowd funded by The Citizens (For The Citizens Limited is a non-profit organisation registered as a UK limited company))

Category 10: Non-financial interests (a)

  • I am a Director of the following companies, each of which is a company formed by the lessees in the relevant property to manage the maintenance of that property: 12 Queen's Parade Management Company Limited; 7 Southcot Place (Bath) Limited; 4 Sydney Place Management Company Limited
  • Director, Reside Bath Ltd (residential letting agency)
  • Director, Big Brother Watch Ltd