Baroness Meacher

Baroness Meacher's full title is The Baroness Meacher. Her name is Molly Christine Meacher, and she is a current member of the House of Lords.

Register of Interests of Lords Members' staff

Register of Interests for Baroness Meacher's staff. This list shows both staff name and any relevant gainful occupation or benefit registered.

Mr Thomas Davies
Director of Campaigns and Communications, Dignity in Dying (not-for-profit campaigning organisation)
Mr Francis Warburton
Remunerated: Researcher/Consultant, Open Society Foundation (NGO which funds APPGs on Drug Policy Reform and Abolition of the Death Penalty); Foreign and Commonwealth Office (funds APPG on Abolition of the Death Penalty); Adviser on drug policy as a health issue for the development of parliamentary networks in the African region, UNITE (Global Parliamentary Network committed to ending Infectious Diseases) (funds APPGs on Drug Policy Reform); Payment received on 18 May 2022 for an evaluation of the Call In deferred prosecution scheme based in Bristol from the managing organisation Second Step (NGO concerned with community development and support in Bristol area) (interest ceased 18 May 2022); Part of Secretariat, All-Party Parliamentary Group on the Abolition of the Death Penalty Work for 1 day a week, paid for by the APPG for Drug Policy Reform using money received from the UNITE Parliamentary Network based in Portugal, to advise them on behalf of the APPG on drug policy matters. UNITE themselves received money for this from the Open Society Foundation – a grant funding NGO; Part of Secretariat, All-Party Parliamentary Group for Drug Policy Reform