Lord Hylton

Lord Hylton's full title is The Lord Hylton. His name is Raymond Hervey Jolliffe, and he is a current member of the House of Lords.

Register of Interests of Lords Members' staff

Register of Interests for Lord Hylton's staff. This list shows both staff name and any relevant gainful occupation or benefit registered.

Mr Oliver McTernan
Remunerated: Director, Forward Thinking (conflict resolution/mediation); Unremunerated: Member, Crown Prosecution Service Accountability Forum; Trustee, Ideals Medical (charity); Trustee, Institute of State (charity); Trustee, Negotiations Strategy Institute
Ms Barbara Picken
Mr Nicholas Sadeghi
Remunerated: Barrister (self-employed); Locum Supervising Legal Caseworker, Bail for Immigration Detainees (charity) (interest ceased 21 January 2022)