Stephen Timms

Stephen Timms is the Labour MP for East Ham, and has been an MP continuously since 9 June 1994.

Registered Interests

The Register of Members’ Financial Interests is updated fortnightly online when the House is sitting, and less frequently at other times. Interests remain in the Register for twelve months after the interest has ended.

The interests set out below are those included in the most recently published version of the Register. All versions of the Register can be found here.

2. (b) Any other support not included in Category 2(a)

  • Name of donor: The Refugee, Asylum and Migration Policy Project (RAMP)
    Address of donor: c/o Kirk Rice LLP, The Courtyard, High Street, Ascot SL5 7HP
    Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: The services of a Policy Adviser for two days per week between 21 March 2022 and 21 September 2022, value £10,400
    Date received: 21 March 2022 - 21 September 2022
    Date accepted: 21 March 2022
    Donor status: company, registration 12373468
    (Registered 21 March 2022)

3. Gifts, benefits and hospitality from UK sources

  • Name of donor: Legatum Institute Foundation
    Address of donor: 11 Charles Street, London W1J 5DW
    Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: Hospitality, overnight accommodation and participation in a forum weekend conference for me and my wife, value £800
    Date received: 6-7 November 2021
    Date accepted: 6 November 2021
    Donor status: company, registration 7430903
    (Registered 25 November 2021)

8. Miscellaneous

  • Trustee, East Thirteen Christian Trust. (Registered 10 May 2018)
  • Chair of Trustees, Traidcraft Foundation. (Registered 10 May 2018)
  • Trustee, Parliamentary Christian Trust. (Registered 10 May 2018)
  • From 11 February 2016, member of the Council of St Paul's Cathedral. (Registered 1 August 2018)