Lord Archer of Weston-Super-Mare

Lord Archer of Weston-Super-Mare's full title is The Lord Archer of Weston-Super-Mare. His name is Jeffrey Howard Archer, and he is a current member of the House of Lords.

Registered Interests

Registered Interests for Lord Archer of Weston-Super-Mare.

The Register is updated continuously throughout each sitting day and at regular intervals on other days.

Category 2: Remunerated employment, office, profession etc.

  • Novelist
  • Member, William Archer Investors LLP (theatre investments)

Category 3: Person with significant control of a company (PSC)

  • Artdeal Limited

Category 4: Shareholdings (a)

  • Artdeal Limited (art dealers)

Category 4: Shareholdings (b)

  • William Archer Investors LLP (theatre investments)
  • YouGov (market research and data analytics)
  • Little Green Home Limited (organic, natural and non-toxic products)
  • Snap HR Limited (formerly Circalit Limited) (literary)
  • Homie Limited (rental accommodation)
  • B J London Limited (jewellery)
  • Playing Field (Theatre) Limited

Category 5: Land and property

  • Property in London from which rental income is received
  • Urban property in Tyne & Wear and North Shields from which rental income is received