Lord Risby

Lord Risby's full title is The Lord Risby. His name is Richard John Grenville Spring, and he is a current member of the House of Lords.

Register of Interests of Lords Members' staff

Register of Interests for Lord Risby's staff. This list shows both staff name and any relevant gainful occupation or benefit registered.

Mr John Dobson
Remunerated: Policy Relations and Memberships Officer (previously Policy Relations and Events Coordinator), Council on Geostrategy (think-tank)
Mr John May
Remunerated: Principal (formerly Partner), John J May Chartered Accountants; Managing Partner and Person with Significant Control, City & Westminster Corporate Finance LLP; Director, Pires Investments plc (AIM tech company); Director, Key Metals Corp (copper mining company in Chile); Non-executive Chairman, ChallengerX plc (provides information technology consultancy services); Unremunerated: Chairman, Red Leopard Holdings plc (mining company) (dormant company); Chairman, The Genesis Initiative Ltd (business research company); Director and Trustee, The Lisa May Foundation (charity); Chairman, Score Tek Limited (computers) (dormant company); Director and Person with Significant Control, Read2Write Limited (educational); Chairman, The Small Business Bureau Limited (business research company); Director, Silver Uniqorn Ltd (digital services); Director, The Genesis Initiative Africa Ltd (business research) (dormant company); Director, Uniqorn Media Limited (media) (dormant company); Director, XRApplied Ltd (design company) (dormant company); Director, Nevada Gold Ltd (mining) (dormant company); Director, Hemp.IM Ltd (media) (dormant company); Director, Ignite Africa Ltd (business promotion) (dormant company); Director, The Morani Conservancy Limited (wildlife conservation) (dormant company); Director, The Morani Preserve Ltd (conservation) (dormant company); Company Secretary, Commonwealth Access Partners (CAP) Ltd (business support); Chairman, China Pub Company plc (dormant company); Director, Mobcast Limited (marketing); Director, Media World Networks Limited (dormant company); Director, The Time Traveller Company Ltd (marketing); Director, Coolcharm Gold Mining Company Ltd (dormant company); Director, Enterprise 24/7 Limited (technology) (dormant company); Director, Major Broadcasting Corporation Limited (dormant company); Director, Fitness Pods Limited (fitness equipment) (dormant company) *; Director, Smart Toys Technologies Ltd (games) (dormant company) *; Director, Outsize Capital Ltd (tech investments) (dormant company) *; Director and Trustee, Global Osteoporosis Foundation (charity) *; Director, Procard Ltd (advice to small businesses, in particular through trade associations on new payment processes that could improve the efficiency of businesses) *; Director, M6 Limited (digital marketing); Director, Key Metals Group Ltd (copper mining company in Chile) (dormant company); Director, Red Leopard Management Limited (property) (dormant company) (subsidiary of Red Leopard Holdings plc) *; Harrell Hotels (Europe) Limited (dormant company) (subsidiary of Red Leopard Holdings plc) *; Director, Business Buyers UK Ltd (introduces buyers and sellers of British businesses particularly small and medium sized enterprises to grow companies and increase UK GDP)