Help finding your MP

Advice on unrecognised postcodes, British citizens living abroad (including members of the Armed Forces) and finding representatives of other parliaments and assemblies.


Unrecognised postcodes

New or changed postcodes

First, check you entered your full postcode correctly and try the search again. If this still does not work it may be that the postcode has been changed recently or is for a new dwelling. There is a short delay between the Post Office issuing new postcodes and them becoming available on the Find Your MP service.

Constituency boundaries and postcodes

Postcode areas do not always match constituency boundaries. An online map of the UK is available from Ordnance Survey which allows you to search by place name or postcode, and choose the boundary layer, to show which constituency a postcode or place comes under.

If your postcode is returned as unrecognised, you can contact the House of Commons Enquiry Service, who can look up the details of your Member of Parliament based on your full address. The Electoral Registration Officer at your local council will also be able to help you identify your MP.

British citizens living abroad

British citizens living abroad can use the postcode of where they were last living in the UK. For information on your eligibility to vote please contact the Electoral Commission.

Armed forces personnel serving abroad

You can use the postcode of where you would be living in the UK if not serving abroad, or where you were last living in the UK. For information on your eligibility to vote please contact the Electoral Commission.

Crown Dependencies

The Crown dependencies of Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man are not represented in the UK Parliament.

No fixed address

If someone is for example, homeless, a patient in a mental health hospital, or is remanded in custody, the postcode for where they have a local connection, or where they would otherwise be living, or have lived in the past can be used. For information on eligibility to vote and making a ‘declaration of local connection’ please contact the Electoral Commission.

Representation in other parliaments, assemblies or councils

The Find Your MP service can only help you to identify your MP in the UK Parliament. Details of your representatives on local councils, in devolved UK regions or in the European Parliament can be found online on the following sites:

Local council

Senedd Cymru/Welsh Parliament

Northern Ireland Assembly

Scottish Parliament

London Assembly

Postcode data

The Find Your MP system is based on constituency boundary and postcode data supplied by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Postcodes may cross constituency boundaries.

For information on mapping postcodes against constituency areas please contact the Office for National Statistics.